this remix-/mashup-project by dieb13 called "salt" explores the interdependencies between an original piece of music and it's remix.
in cryptography, salt is a random string, appended to a plaintext string, which is going to be encrypted. the function of salt is to increase entropy.
in gastronomy, salt is used to make food taste more interesting.
in music it's up to the listener to decide, whether the original is the food and the remix is the salt or vice versa.

every now and then a piece of music and a remix of the piece will be released on this website for free.
additionally, the two pieces will be released on vinyl. only 3 (three!) physical copies of every salt-release will be cut: one for sale, one for dieb13 and one for the remixed artist.

all music on this website will be released under a creative commons license.

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